Secret Of Mana Download

As you (maybe) know, Secret of Mana is a very important section of my site (just see what the domain name is). Here you'll find only the things that are directly referred to the game Secret of Mana, alias Seiken Densetsu 2.

  • MIDI Music (110 KB)
  • Sequenced music (740 KB)
  • GIFs (animated or not) from the game (415 KB)
  • The rom in English (1,3 MB)
  • La rom en Franšais (1,3 Mo)
  • My saves from the rom (800 KB)
  • The SPC's (it is the exact sound of the Super Nintendo. Perfect to listen to the game music) (450 KB)
  • All the images I have are in this folder
  • If you wanna see the story I wrote and if you read french, go to this part of my website, containing "Secret of Mana - le Roman"!

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