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Video Games

Here you can find stuff from videos games :
For each game I have images and musics (MIDI, MOD, MP3, SPC). If you want more MIDI video game music see VGmusic, a great site.


I placed here some images that you can't find anywhere else for a good reason : I scanned or modified them myself. I have scans of Calvin and Hobbes and backgrounds for your computer.


  • The Yamaha drivers
    Very easy to use, not dangerous. This change the usual shit-quality midi in a fantastic symphony ! You won't hear your mids the same way ! (5.64 Mo)
  • Winamp 2.09
    Who doesn't know what it is for ? Well, reading MP3, of course ! (500 Ko)
  • SPC plug-in
    SPCs are SuperNintendo music files. With this plugin in winamp, you'll be able to read them, in perfect quality. (50 Ko)
  • NSF plug-in
    NSFs are Nintendo music files. Same as the SPCs, for the NES. (30 Ko)
  • SNES 9x
    Wonderful Super Nintendo Emulator (632 Ko)
  • Winrar 2.04
    You'll maybe need it to unzip (or unrar ?) some of the files presents in my download section. (500 Ko)
  • Thanks to Jashugan who provided stuff in this download section.

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